Donnerstag, 20. Juni 2013

Suzanne Collins - The Hunger Games Trilogy Review

With the second movie coming up I decided to review this book series.
I really liked the first movie, although some characters are really not like I pictured them.

Let's go with the setting first. It's quite dark and unsettling in the beginning, but as soon as the games begin you kinda forget all about it, 'till it comes back in the later books.

The author wrote the book for a specific audience of teenage girls, I believe. So I can't really say I like the writing style too much. It's too simple for me.
Except for Haymitch I hardly liked any of the characters, considering there are quite a few that's a pretty low rate. Well I'm no teenage girl so what can I say.

The first book for me was clearly the best, second was still ok to read and third just got really painful. It kinda lost everything I liked about it.

If you are a teenage girl I can sincerely recommend this book, if not, I really can't.

‘The Hunger Games’ is set in our world, but in a post-apocalyptic time. The Capitol is the cruel Government of the twelve districts of Panem, which was once North America. As punishment for a revolution in the past, the Capitol created the Hunger Games. One boy and one girl (aged twelve to eighteen) are chosen from each district to fight on live television until only one child remains.

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