Samstag, 15. Juni 2013

Max Brooks - World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War

Today i've got a book which really isn't just fantasy. It might just be a real outlook into our own future! ;)

The book is beautifully written from different perspectives and in different styles. Some chapters are interviews, some are diaries. The characters range from heroes with a twist, to blind samurai. (Yes, samurai with sword an all, awesome.)

Like in AMC's 'The Walking Dead' the world is overrun with zombies. The zombie epidemic starts very slow, Max Brooks did a great job of writing a plausible beginning of a zombie apocalypse, something I personally didn't believe possible. It shows different governments treat the apocalypse in different ways everythings really believable. I was probably more impressed with the depiction of governments than with that of the characters, although some of them are pretty good too.
It is a well thought out book, everything makes sense in zombie kinda way.
 while I didn't like the abrupt ending of it all in all it was a great and quick read. 

And it's about zombies, who doesn't like that?!

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