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Robert Jordan - The Eye of the World (Wheel of Time Book 1) Review

This is the start of one of the best fantasy epics of our time.

First some things about the series:
It has 14 Books (15 if you count the prequel), it took nearly 23 years to finish, and it is a long read. 
The author (Robert Jordan) sadly passed away in 2007 but he prepared and left extensive notes behind so another author could finish the series.
Brandon Sanderson (Mistborn, The Way of Kings) a long time fan of the series was chosen to finish it. He did so in 2013.

I first started reading it as a kid, I was around twelve then, and absolutely loved the series. 
So now that it's finally finished I went back and read it again.

The story is still awesome. The magic system is compelling. And the characters are great.
Robert Jordans writing is something you have to get used to. It does lack at some points in my opinion. But it does get better the more you advance in the series.

It is about three boys from a farming village, Emond's Field, where usually nothing ever happens. 
Just before the big festival of Bel Tine, strangers appear in and out of the village.
Strangers who will upset the festival and show the village folk that they aren't exactly forgotten.

The Eye of the World isn't the usual hero story, where a weak boy learns to wield magic and destroys the evil emperor. It's so much more. It has some great twists and turns which sets it apart from those kinda storys.

Ultimately it's a great book which I highly recommend reading. Because of it's sheer number of characters, everyone will find a favorite one. But be careful, there is a high possibility that you can't put it down once you started.

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