Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2013

Jim Butcher - Storm Front (Book One Of The Dresden Files)

This one I read a while ago. It's a really good 'snack' book. Something for inbetween your big reads. 

I went through it really quick, three days. Not only because it's not too big but because it's really well written and exciting.

It's about Harry Dresden, a private investigator who is also a wizard. Yes, wizard investigator, sounds awesome, is awesome. He will not only find your lost things but also catch the fairy who took it. He's also the consulting wizard for the Chicago P.D.
Harry one day gets contacted by the Chicago P.D to help them in a case of a mysterious death. And just like this, the story begins, it got all the things a good book needs, a mysterious but beautiful woman, a gangster boss and a talking skull pet.

It's a really good blend of the real world with a fictional twist. The author does a good job of letting things seem really natural. Characters are quite cliché but that doesn't really take anything away from the book.

I recommend reading it between two more complex books, as I said it's a nice 'snack' read but not much more.

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