Donnerstag, 13. Juni 2013

How To Choose The Right Book

Choosing the right book isn't always easy. Luckily we are in good times right now, the internet is an invaluable source to find the just the thing you want.
In times of free preview chapters choosing the right book might seem easy, but it really isn't. 

How often did you start a book but after 50 pages thought: "Ah well, not for me.". A few times? A dozen times? Happpens to everyone. Sometimes the story seems interesting but the author just can't get the point across. Some books just seem to be plain boring. Sometimes you have to power through and get rewarded endlessly. That doesn't happen often, though.

I usually first take a look at the Amazon Bestseller list. Right now Game of Thrones is ranked #2, but everyone knows Game of Thrones already, so no surprise here. I click through all the pages and open every book that sounds interesting and sounds like it fits my genre in a tab for later browsing. Every genre book that's in the general Amazon Bestseller list has to be quite popular, and most of the times those are really good books. 
Next filter for your genre and look at those Bestsellers, in my case: Sci-Fi and Fantasy.
Now a whole new world opens up. Again click through the pages and open everything that sounds good to you in a new tab. 
After having everything open start clicking through 'em and just read the summary. Don't read the first chapter, don't read any reviews yet. Close everything that you don't find appealing.

In my opinion just a great idea is enough to sell a book. Let's look at Stephen King's - Under the Dome, a small city that suddenly has a huge invisible barrier around it. That's a great idea. Also since the author is quite known, that alone is enough to buy it.

But now you have about two or three books left, look at the amazon reviews, sometimes books are marketed at an audience that doesn't include you, teen vampire novels are a big example. Liking good hard fantasy usually doesn't mix too well with teen vampires.

So you're now left with one book. Look inside. Like what you read? Buy it. Still not quite sure? Google respectable review sites, such as this one right here!

Let's not make too much of a science out of this. There are probably more good books than you will ever be able to read in a lifetime. Picking one isn't hard, but it sure is fun. 
Back in the day when people still bought papercopys and didn't use the convenient method of digital download, I always looked forward for a book I really wanted to read to arrive. Good Times.

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