Mittwoch, 10. Juli 2013

Long Time No See!

Yeah, I've been busy. Sorry!
I do still read though! So expect more reviews!

Right now I'm thinking about starting to write. I looked at a lot of stuff you can do to make money online. I like the idea to be my own boss and don't really wanna live a 9-5 life. Who wants that anyway?

There's a lot of stuff I really have no idea about. Marketing, building your own successful blog. Although I like to have that too!
I really think the only thing I actually could be really good in is writing. Sadly I probably have to write in German. My english just isn't good enough too write a book. Which actually makes me sad, because I love the english language and read most of the books in it. But I just don't have a good enough grasp on the fundamentals. It's also pretty hard to write a book if you need to look up words. Not a great flow!

Right now I'm still reading the Wheel of Time series. Fourth Book. The Shadow Rising.
It's great. Can hardly put it away. Why would I anyway? I'm on break, so I do have a lot of free time. 

After that I will read Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. My buddy reads it at the moment and can say nothing but great things about it. And Brandon Sanderson is a boss!

I can recommend listening to his podcast: writing excuses. It's great, funny and you actually learn something about writing. Which I really like. 
I'm also looking into self publishing right now. Kindle makes it so damn easy. Maybe get your feet wet with some self published books on kindle then try to get a "real" book out there? Not sure how I'm gonna tackle this. But I want to write, and actually do it for a living.

Let's see how it goes!


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